Truck Driving Career for Veterans

In Demand Career for Veterans

CDL training for veterans

NTTS is a Tractor Trailer School who caters to veterans and former military workers. Get your civilian CDL career started with us!

NTTS is ready to assist you with your CDL training. We recognize that it takes a special, committed individual to serve their country. At NTTS, you'll find that the same qualities highly regarded in the military are equally valued here, in educating and assisting in finding your professional truck driving career.

Industry on the Rise

“On average, trucking will need to recruit nearly 25-30,000 new drivers every year to keep up with demand for drivers" -US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010-2020

CDL training for veterans

Career Placement Assistance

Students are given the opportunity for a personal interview with our Placement Department to review their job opportunities based on their individual needs, qualifications and abilities. We will also review students' job applications to aid the students in submitting the most complete application he or she can.

On Campus Recruiting

National Tractor Trailer School regularly welcomes companies for recruitment events, seminars, presentations and interviews at our facilities. If you are interested in the possibilities of future employment as a tractor trailer driver, NTTS suggests attending a new career presentation. These presentations are designed for individuals and NTTS graduates who are exploring the possibilities of a new career as a professional driver and cover topics like: employment opportunities, wages, benefits, training requirements, licensing, placement and tuition assistance. There is no cost or obligation to attend, and if an applicant or graduate desires, they may apply to a company for a conditional pre-training employment offer.

Pre-Training Employment Offers and Tuition Reimbursement

Conditional pre-employment offers and tution reimbursement are available for qualified students.

NTTS: Actively Working to Get You Hired

The NTTS Placement Department maintains relationships with companies locally and across the nation and actively seeks out new opportunities for qualified graduates of NTTS.  Many of these carriers have conditional pre-training employment offers and tuition reimbursement for qualified students. 

Industry on the Rise

The average truck driver makes between $40,000 to $50,000 a year. -American Trucking Association and NTTS Graduate Employers