1,000,000 Miles Safe Driving

Albert Williams 6

L-R James Fairbank, Director of Education, NTTS,  Albert Williams, Steve Kuchko, Transportation Supervisor, DOT Foods.

Albert Williams, 65, of McGraw, NY recently achieved a major milestone in the transportation industry.  While driving tractor-trailer for DOT Foods of Liverpool, NY, he successfully completed 1,000,000 miles of accident- and violation-free, safe driving.

Formerly a design engineer technician, Albert and his son Jamie attended and graduated from National Tractor Trailer School of Liverpool, NY in November 1993.  Upon graduation, they began their professional driving career with Werner Enterprises as team drivers.

In August of 2000, Albert joined DOT Foods as a tractor-trailer driver.  Fourteen years later, he is driving doubles (2 trailers) on the NYS Thruway and on other doubles-approved highways.  He is also a doubles trainer and mentor to junior drivers for DOT Foods.