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NTTS offers many different tractor trailer training courses. Whether your CDL training is full or part-time, NTTS has your schedule covered.

All courses below include Classroom, Commercial Driver License Permit Preparation, Behind the Wheel training including: backing maneuvers, on the road training and road test preparation.

How You Learn

CDL Training From Ntts Near Syracuse Ny And Buffalo Ny

For over 47 years, NTTS has trained and placed thousands of people from all walks of life, different educational backgrounds, nationalities, races, religious beliefs, and social-economic groups. Realizing no two people progress at the same rate of speed, we have developed and utilized our highly successful approach to learning of theory, demonstration and practical application to train you for your career.


The first exposure to new subject matter is in the classroom, where the theory and procedures of driving are discussed. These classroom and theory sessions are supplemented by student textbooks, CDL manual, logs, road atlas, etc.


Upon completion of various classroom and theory sessions, a qualified NTTS instructor demonstrates what you have learned by using shifting simulators and other equipment. Once you have seen the demonstration, you are ready for practical application.

Practical Application

Under the supervision of a NTTS instructor, you are now involved in a guided "Hands On" driving portion. These procedures are repeated throughout the entire program with evaluation to ensure you every opportunity for successful completion of the program and future employment as a driver.

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