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What Types of Trucking Jobs are Available Post-Graduation?

Beginning a Career as a Truck Driver

Many trucking students who consider earning their CDL picture driving across the country. While over-the-road driving is one of the most popular careers in the trucking industry, there are other great options too! Knowing about all available jobs is helpful for CDL students when deciding on a career path after graduation. Take a look at the available trucking career possibilities and their differences.

Class A CDL Trucking Jobs

Graduates with a Class A CDL will have the most abundant career options to choose from when deciding on a truck driving job. Holding a Class A CDL qualifies drivers to operate Class B and C vehicles too. While many truckers start in OTR roles to gain experience, it is not the only career option for new drivers.

  • Over-the-road (OTR): OTR trucking typically consists of taking a load of freight cross country. OTR drivers usually have the highest income ceiling out of all trucking jobs, but they can be home the least since they tend to travel the farthest distances. OTR driving is the perfect way to travel and see the country while earning a significant paycheck.
  • Local/Regional: Local and regional trucking jobs allow drivers to be home more often. Local jobs tend to have drivers home every night, while regional jobs may have drivers home a few nights a week.
  • Specialty Cargo and Endorsements: If a student is interested in certain types of cargo, they can choose to earn an endorsement as a specialization. Examples include tankers, oversized loads, and more! Tankers, hazmat, and others may require an additional endorsement to be eligible but often pay more.
  • CDL Driving Instructor: The trucking industry needs driving instructors. It is an excellent opportunity to come back and teach the next generation of drivers. Being an instructor can be a rewarding career because you can directly impact the new drivers entering the industry.
  • Construction: Many construction sites need qualified people to haul and maneuver the machinery and supplies needed to complete jobs. Examples include moving raw building materials, driving heavy equipment machinery, and more.

Class B CDL Careers

Class B drivers can operate vehicles with a gross weight rating of over 26,001 pounds with a towing capacity of fewer than 10,000 pounds. Those who hold Class B CDL licenses are eligible to drive Class C vehicles. Drivers who want to pursue a career driving Class B vehicles are eligible for endorsements to specialize in what they want to drive. These endorsements include passengers, hazmat, and more. Some Class B careers include:

  • Bus driving: Getting a Class B CDL with a passenger endorsement qualifies you to drive a city, school, or coach bus. All three are great driving options for a career and allow the driver to have more interaction with people on a daily basis.
  • Delivery driving: Driving delivery trucks is essential and will always be in demand. As a delivery driver, you will be busy delivering packages to their recipients every day.
  • Construction/Heavy Equipment: Class B holders can drive for construction companies too. Dump trucks and heavy equipment machinery are the two most popular options for construction companies to fill Class B drivers.

These are just a few of the jobs that students who get their CDL can expect to see when applying for jobs. It shows how flexible truck driver careers can be once they have their CDL. At National Tractor Trailer School, we have programs for both Class A and B CDLs. NTTS offers qualified graduates job placement assistance to help them find and apply to jobs that fit their needs.

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