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Is a Career as a CDL Instructor Right for You?

Teach the Next Generation of Truck Drivers

One of the most rewarding parts of any job is passing your knowledge down to the next generation. This especially applies to new drivers entering the trucking industry through our CDL training. Becoming a CDL instructor allows you to have advantages that other careers in the industry do not have. The trucking industry will need more drivers as the demand continues to grow.

What to Know Before Getting Started

As a CDL instructor at National Tractor Trailer School, you are responsible for teaching students the basics of becoming professional truck drivers. This includes both the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions. Each student may have a different learning style. Being able to acknowledge and adapt to them is crucial and can help grow the student’s confidence throughout training.

As an instructor, you will meet people with different backgrounds and career goals. Some students may have wanted to become truck drivers their entire lives, while others may be using this as a second career option. Knowing what each of your student’s mindsets is going into training may help adjust your training style to create a better learning environment.

What are the Qualifications for Becoming a CDL Instructor?

Like most jobs, CDL instructor position qualifications can vary depending on the company. At NTTS, our CDL Instructor qualifications are industry standard and listed below.

  • Must possess a valid Class A CDL
  • Two or more years of driving experience
  • Clean driving record
  • Must be able to pass a DOT physical and drug screen

Why Should I Become a CDL Instructor?

Becoming an instructor can be as rewarding of a job as any. You get to play a direct role in training the next generation of truck drivers. This position allows you to pass on knowledge and personal experiences that may not be in the training curriculum.

A CDL instructor position is rewarding, but it also provides a stable job for individuals. Life on the road can present obstacles that make it hard to plan for the future. As an instructor, you will be home every night and able to spend time with your friends and family more consistently. CDL Instructors will always be needed, so job security is very high.

CDL Instructor Benefits

One of the most common misconceptions about CDL instructors is that they do not have comparable benefits to professional drivers. Instructors at NTTS have competitive benefits for the industry that include:

  • Competitive wages
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible schedules
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance

These benefits are great for someone looking to slow down their life on the road and help other drivers entering the industry. The CDL instructor position is also great for retired drivers who still want to have a hand in the industry without getting out on the road. CDL instructors play a vital role in our transportation and freight industries.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor at NTTS or would like more information, please contact us today at [email protected]!
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