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How to Stay Connected as an Over-the-Road Driver

Three Ways to Stay in Touch

One of the main challenges for over-the-road truck drivers is being away from home for extended periods of time. As you know, over-the-road truck drivers can be out for weeks at a time before coming home to their families. It is important to stay in touch with your family and friends while out as it can improve your morale, stay up to date with everyone, and give you something to look forward to once your deliveries are complete. Read some of our tips on how to easily stay in touch with loved ones while out on the road.

Group Chats

One, if not the easiest, method of staying in touch is by having a group chat with everyone in your family or your friends (or both). There are a few apps that are capable of this to make it easy for you! The most well-known and accessible is the iMessage app that comes standard in iPhones. Another great app is GroupMe, which is designed for messaging in groups. WhatsApp is the other major app and is owned by Meta, so it can connect with your Facebook and Instagram profiles if you have them!

Video Call Apps

The easiest way to talk face-to-face while you are out on the road is by utilizing one of the many video call apps on the market today! Most people have these apps already on their phones or tablets when purchased, and are a great way to see everyone’s face when talking. The most common video call apps are FaceTime (which comes standard on every iPhone), Google Hangout, and Zoom. Each of these is super easy to set up and create an account for, and the best part is they are free!

Social Media

Social media can be a useful tool while out on the road. It is a place where you can see updates from everyone you know and a way for you to connect with them. The three most popular apps people use to connect are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you have downtime, such as filling up with gas or checking in before getting some sleep, it can serve as a “do it all” place for seeing what everyone you know is up to. These can also be a good place to see other stuff, such as news, or to follow along with your favorite sports team.

Other Ways to Stay in Touch

There are many other ways to stay connected with your loved ones besides the three above, even if they are the most popular. You can send postcards from every place you are able to stop at or send a letter home to make it more personal. Handwritten things usually go far in showing how much you care rather than doing something digitally.

Keeping up with everyone while you are out on the road is an important part of OTR drivers’ lives. We hope our tips and recommendations above will help you stay in touch with much more ease!

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