tractor trailer driving at night on interstate

Four Tips for Driving at Night

How to Keep Yourself Safe During Night Driving

Are you tired of being stuck in traffic during the day? While driving at night can be challenging, many Class A drivers prefer it to avoid high traffic levels. While night driving may be a top choice for many drivers, their safety is still at the forefront. There are many causes of accidents that may occur, but drivers can help themselves avoid them by learning a few extra safety tips for night driving.

Routine Wellness Checks

Before jumping in the cab for a long night of driving, it’s imperative to know how you’re doing health-wise. This includes your physical health, eyesight, and sleep patterns. Routine check-ups with your doctor during your off time can help to catch an infection or any other health issues before they become a more severe problem. The American Optometric Association recommends that even those without vision issues have an eye exam every three years before age 40. Between ages 40 and 60, an exam should happen every two years.

Taking care of your body also means paying attention to how much sleep you get. While shifts can last up to 11 hours, it’s recommended that truck drivers stop every so often to stretch and get some fresh air, so be aware of when your body is asking for a break—driving while drowsy can be dangerous to you and other drivers on the road.

Avoid Distractions

Even if you have 20/20 vision, your eyesight can be impaired in other ways, so staying alert is imperative during night driving. One of the essential steps to keeping your eyes on the road is to dim your lights. When driving in the dark, visibility is lowered, so bright lights from your dash may make it hard to focus on the road. Another common distraction to avoid is cell phone use while driving.

Watch Your Diet

While fast food is often readily available on the road and can fill you up quickly, these meals may not be the best option to keep yourself fueled for the night. The super-sized meals we pick up can weigh you down, and they lack some of the more important vitamins and nutrients needed to keep yourself awake and alert. By keeping healthier food options such as fruits and vegetables packed, you can ensure that your blood sugar will be steady, and you’ll feel more energized. The same goes for energy and other sugary drinks. While they may give you energy in the short term, the sugar rush will eventually end and have the opposite effect on you and can cause drowsiness.

Build A Routine

If you regularly drive at night or plan to in the future, build a routine before driving. By creating habits and a daily routine to prepare yourself to drive, you can be awake and ready to drive no matter what time of day.

Night driving is often a preferred part of being a truck driver as there are fewer drivers out on the road, and staying safe while driving out on the road is vital, no matter the time, following not only these but all the safety tips learned. At the same time, training at National Tractor Trailer School is important in becoming a safety-conscious driver.

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