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Choosing a Trucking Company: Large vs. Small

Starting Your Trucking Career

When it comes to your career in trucking, earning your Commercial Driver’s License is just the first step. After that, you have to decide what kind of company you would like to work for. There are companies ranging from 1 truck to thousands and everything in-between. Which makes you ask the question; which size company is right for me?

Working for a Large Company

For many rookie drivers starting off at a larger or even national carrier is the preferred method. For starter, larger carriers have the resources to recruit, offer high incentives, and can give the opportunity for paid training. With all of their resources, they also offer a variety of paths when it comes to driving. Large carriers can have tons of different types of freight and driving opportunities compared to smaller carriers. They will often have local jobs, regional jobs, and over the road. Also, they may have different types of trucks like dry van, reefer, or tanker. The variety that can come with a large carrier is a huge plus when starting your career, giving you experience with various divisions within the industry.

Big companies also tend to have more “perks” when it comes to working for them.

You are also given some level of comfort at a large company knowing that they are not completely dependent on you. At a bigger company, if you need to take a day off for a family emergency, it is as easy as getting one of the hundreds of drivers to take your place. If you are at a small company with a dozen drivers, you are being gone means they just lost a huge percent of their fleet!

However, with that many drivers at a place, it can be very hard to stand out or advance. You will probably not ever get to know everyone at your company or make personal relationships with your bosses and co-workers. Which for some people can be a huge deal when it comes to how much they enjoy their career!

Working for a Small Company

Smaller trucking companies have distinct differences compared to larger ones in a number of ways. Firstly, you can actually have some advantages in offering a higher pay package. Depending on the company, you could have specialized or niche clients that pay higher for a specific service. You always tend to have more of a relationship with your clients, which gives you direct feedback on your drivers and improves your quality of work.

One of the biggest advantages of working for a small trucking company is the personal relationships you make within your company. There is much more of a “family-friendly’ feeling that a lot of people enjoy. The owners know their drivers, and the drivers know the operations and dispatch people. Something that is not always available to you at a larger company and widely considered the biggest advantage of working for a smaller company.

Which is Right for You

Working in the trucking field is a great career no matter the path you choose. Whether you go with a small, local carrier, or decide that a national brand is more your speed, just being in the industry means you are on the right path to success. So whichever way you plan on using your CDL, make sure you do your research and know exactly what you want!

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