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Advantages to Earning a Commercial Drivers License

The Importance of Obtaining a CDL

Updated June 2022

Earning your CDL gives you a variety of career options that you can choose from. It is no secret truck drivers are in huge demand throughout the US with that number likely to increase in the coming years. The job outlook for professional truck drivers is expected to grow by 6%, meaning that the number of jobs that are currently available for drivers will only continue to increase. For anyone looking to earn their CDL, there are plenty of job options available for you once you complete your training.

What Are Some of My Job Options Once I Get My CDL?

Once you get your CDL you will be able to choose from a variety of jobs to find something that suits your lifestyle and needs. The following are some of the career paths you will have the opportunity to explore as you decide which path fits you the best:

  • Over-the-Road (OTR) Trucking
  • Regional Trucking
  • Local Trucking

What Are Companies Offering New Drivers?

As truck driving becomes a more in-demand industry, many carriers are increasing their incentives in 2022. Companies are offering drivers different benefits packages in order to entice them into the industry with hopes they will work for their company and stay in the industry. The following are many of the common benefits that companies are offering drivers in order to get them to work for their company and to motivate them to get out on the road:

  • Higher competitive salaries
  • Paid vacation (yearly)
  • Healthcare benefits
  • 401k and other benefits

Some carriers are offering additional perks such as signing bonuses for employees who choose to work for their company.

Other carriers are even willing to offer tuition reimbursement to drivers. This can help pay back some or all of the money they spent on schooling to get their CDL. This is usually a monthly payment and is made in addition to the person’s regular pay.

Trucking Allows You to Work to Your Schedule:

Once you have some experience as an over-the-road driver, you can choose a job based on your work schedule preferences. Those who love to drive long-distance can continue in the line of OTR work as it lets them see a large portion of the country and typically pays more than other types of trucking.

Others who prefer to have weekends off can work as a regional driver that provides Monday through Friday work and allows the driver to spend weekends at home with their family and friends.

Finally, those who have families they need to go home to every night can work as a local driver that works within a specific city or town.

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