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NTTS Graduates Become Professional Drivers

The following graduates have completed their training at NTTS and have begun their new careers as professional drivers:


Jay Poquadeck- Emerson Express
Johnny Rodriguez- Swift Transportation
James Myers- Western Express
Seth Sperling- Swift Transportation
Brian Dennis- Emerson Express
Travis Carpenter- McLane Northeast
Robert Reynolds- G & C Foods
Lonnie Bishop- First Student
Mary Watson- U.S. Xpress
William Ashlock- U.S. Xpress
John Jeffris- Werner Enterprises
Tyshon Lewis- Coca Cola
Corey Fisher- H.O. Wolding
Mokhtar Musaid- H.O. Wolding
David Cox- Chameleon Pools
Jawad Izhamian- Swift Transportation
Scott Krantz- Landscape Escapes, Inc
Jason Petshcke- ECS Warehouse
Karen Thomas- WNY Bus Company
James Gray- Airtite Wholesale Building
Chris Schnedier- Empire Towing and Recovery
Velton Hill- Food Bank of WNY
Jordan Loziarski- TMC Transportation
Christian Cloutier- H.O. Wolding
Firas Alsaddi- U.S. Xpress
Mark Cole- ARG Trucking
Vincent Parlaro- JBF Express
Kristoper Hunter- Western Express
Timothy Duebell- NUTTOS Peanut COmpany
Alexander Fonseca- Crete Carrier Corp.